Plants and Landscaping live inside, too!

Interiorscaping is like outdoor landscaping, just inside your home,office, or business!  Prairie Wind Nursery offers Interiorscaping services through Sally Farris.  Please contact her directly for information on services.  Email or call her at 405-928-9074.

Having plants in the office or business adds an aesthetic appeal and can convey a strong first impression, an image of prestige, professionalism and warmth to your clients.  There is also a value to your employees!  Bringing the outdoors inside helps make a place more comfortable, and can even improve this environment.  Plants clean the air, they help regulate humidity in the air, can reduce noise pollution and these are all benefits to your employees as well.

Having plants at home offer a similar value to your family.  There is a beauty and warmth with a living interiorscape, and it too, helps make your home environment more pleasing, in addition to the health benefits.

Services we offer

Interiorscape Design – We can work with you in your home or commercial environment to find the right plant for the right place to flourish and add a pleasing aesthetic to your environment.

Interior Plant Care

Regular Maintenance – Businesses -Many business may want regular care set up for weekly watering and maintenance through the year.  We will help you maintain your environment, including appropriate watering, fertilizing, shaping, repotting and sometimes replacing your plants.  Some clients may want seasonality in their environment, or even decorating your plants with a seasonal theme, such as Christmas.

Regular Maintenance – Residential  – There are some homes that have large interiorscapes that require the same amount of maintenance as an office!  The same level of services can be provided to a home environment.  The following picture shows a home with extensive interiorscaping.

Seasonal or Occasional Maintenance 

Many homes and businesses do well with the daily care of their plants, but may want us to come out quarterly or annually to shape and check their plants to make certain they are properly maintained.

This left side picture features a Ficus Benjamina plant that needs to be shaped and repotted.  Right side picture reflects that treatment!


Vacation Care Services

Interior and Exterior Plant Watering and Monitoring

While many Oklahomans have sprinkler systems, they often are not enough for potted plants or  certain plant, flower, and vegetable gardens.  In a hot Oklahoma summer, it would not surprising to come back from vacation to find a beautiful landscape indoors or outdoors that has simply wilted or died because of too little care.

House Checking – plants, papers and mail

Pet Sitting – We can come once or twice a day to care for your pet.  In addition to cats and dogs, we also have experience with other small mammals and birds, as well as larger animals such as horses.

House/Pet Sitting – We understand that for many pet owners, they are family, and do better when there is someone staying in the house with them while you are gone.


Prairie Wind Nursery

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Prairie Wind Nursery
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Ph: 405-579-8846


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